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Finally! DIY. How Our Busy Micro Business Owners Quickly & Easily Create Custom-Branded, Client-Attracting WordPress Websites!


Is the world passing you by? If you’re still using that clunky old website—or worse, if you haven’t yet launched your site—it just might be!


It wasn’t so long ago that the only marketing tools available for solo and  small businesses were of the printed variety.


Business cards. Newspaper ads (remember those?). Postcards and flyers. And lets not forget the Yellow Pages!


I’ve been helping solo and small practice professionals succeed for over twenty years. I’ve observed how these firms succeed by grasping marketing opportunities in a timely manner.


I have one long-term client who had a 7-figure yellow page budget for years. Until about four years ago. (Do you know anyone who still uses Yellow Pages for shopping?) Now my client’s yellow page budget is in the low five figures. He’s now investing a small portion of what he had been spending on yellow page on digital marketing. And his client base is growing much faster than ever before. Plus a lower cost per client acquisition.


He enjoys more clients, much less investment and no long term commitments.

Today we have so many interesting options:

  • Email lists

  • SMS marketing

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • LinkedIn

  • Podcasting

  • Kindle publishing

The list goes on, but lets not forget that none of these things are as powerful as your own custom branded, well targeted website.

Starting from Scratch? Or Facing a Web Tune Up? Not Just Any Website Will Do

Maybe you already have a website. Lots of small businesses do. And I’ll bet your website could use a tune-up. But it can be hard to know what to choose when you’re faced with so many options. Many entrepreneurs are left with sites that…

  • Are difficult to maintain

  • Are poorly designed

  • Aren’t optimized for search result

  • Are outdated

If that’s you, then don’t worry. Whether you’re facing a website tuneup or starting from scratch, I’m going to show you how you can create a beautiful website and even make it easy to maintain and update, so you can proudly point your prospects to your site and say, “Connect with me here!”

“But All That Tech Talk Makes My Eyes Glaze Over!”

I know it can be pretty overwhelming talking about building your own website, especially if you don’t quite understand the difference between FTP and php, and can’t even decide what color to paint your bedroom let alone design a logo.

I get it, but trust me, WordPress makes it easy to get over these and other hurdles. With a solid foundation in place, you’ll easily be able to:

  • Install a gorgeous theme that perfectly represents your brand

  • Upload images and graphics to grow your following

  • Connect with all your social accounts so you can build one central “hub” for your business

  • Create a client-attracting blog to position yourself as the authority in your market

  • …and so much more!

I’ll show you all this and more in…

Website Jump Start System! 4 Laser Courses.

With this easy-to-follow—non techy system—four workshops will walk you through installing, configuring and customizing your WordPress website. I’ll show you everything you need to know, from choosing a domain name to building a community of raving fans.

Each module is focused on one specific aspect of your new website so it’s easy to find exactly what you need.

These are the only WordPress courses you’ll need to create your client-attracting website.

It’s actually four courses. But one powerful system. These four courses create your WEBSITE SUCCESS SYSTEM:

Website Jump Start 1: How to Build YOUR Solid Success Foundation

This is by far the most important workshop about your new website, so don’t skip this section! You’ll discover…

  • Why “dot com” matters—and what to do if you can’t get it.

  • Two top choices for domain names that everyone should consider—and you may even already have one (or both).

  • What 3 important traits every domain must have—these are so important it’s worth spending some time brainstorming this section.

  • Why it might not be smart to buy anything but .com—many small business owners never even consider this, and it costs them traffic!

  • Why you should never trust your website to a low-cost host—and where to get top-quality service and security on a budget.

  • What 4 essential services your hosting account must provide—use this checklist before you buy to avoid massive frustration later.

  • How to ensure the world knows where your new website lives—don’t worry – this is as techy as it gets, and you only have to do it once.

  • How to install your new site in less than 5 minutes—even your great Aunt can do this (it really is that easy)!

  • One important step to help keep your website safe—do not skip this step!

Website Jump Start 2: How to Build YOUR Site Like a Pro. Step by Step.

This is where it gets fun! While in the past designing a new website required learning a coding language, CSS knowledge, Photoshop, and a whole host of other hard-earned skills, WordPress has mostly eliminated all of that.

In Website Jumpstart 2, you’ll discover:

  • 10 questions to ask before you begin designing—get clarity on these elements, and your design will evolve as if by magic.

  • 6 pages every website needs—and the one that qualifies as the bare minimum (yes, you can get away with just this one page if you must!)

  • Critical elements to include on your home page—get this part right and new visitors will instantly know they’re in the right place.

  • 7 ways to get your message across through design—and the one question to ask before adding anything to your page.

  • How to ensure mobile visitors get your message, too—this one simple trick will make all the difference.

  • How to choose your color scheme like a pro—no art degree required.

  • My top choice for an easy-to-configure theme—plus why you should avoid using free themes.

When it comes to branding and professionalism, your website theme, colors and imagery is key. Course 3 will bring you up to speed quickly and painlessly:

Website Jump Start 3: How to Leverage the Enormous Power of WordPress

Here’s where you’ll truly begin to appreciate what WordPress can do for you and your business. The first step is to complete the installation and log in to your shiny new website, and after that we’ll dig into the powerful options at your disposal, including…

  • How to instantly beautify your new site with your chosen theme—this really is “one-click” easy and won’t take more than 30 seconds to do.

  • The step-by-step process for adding new themes and plugins to your site—I’ve even included screenshots, so you’ll be up to speed quickly.

  • How to create custom layouts for your pages and posts—this option makes it simple to create opt-in pages, sales pages and more.

  • How to use widgets to make your site more user friendly—plus the most important features your sidebar needs to showcase.

  • How to create new pages—and how to add them to your navigation menu so readers can find the most important information on your site.

  • 4 types of plugins every site needs—and how to find and install them quickly.

  • Top specialty plugins that add popular functions such as pop-ups, SEO and social sharing.

Website Jump Start 4: How to Build YOUR Loyal Online Fan Base

Now that your new website is beautified, branded and fully functional, it’s time to get to work building your tribe! These carefully targeted loyal fans and followers will be ideal prospects for your services and packages, so let’s get to work showing them what you’ve got to offer.

In Website Jump Start Course 4 you’ll learn…

  • The single most important page on your site—and what to include there.

  • How (and where) to use images to clarify your message—today’s website visitors crave visual stimulation, so skipping this step risks driving readers away.

  • How to keep Google happy with your images—this one trick will help keep your site at the top of the search results, so don’t skip it!

  • How to develop your authentic voice—get this right and you’ll instantly attract just the right people to your community, while gently turning away those who aren’t a good fit.

  • How to use video on your site—don’t worry, though, this is so easy anyone can do it—even you!

  • How to protect your work—just like your computer’s hard drive, you must back up your website. I’ll show you how to automate this critical task so you can move on to other matters.

  • How to form a connection with your audience—this is as easy as creating a system that builds on itself. Your new website makes it easy!

Create Your Own Client Attracting Website

in Record Time. Crafted for Busy Solo and Small Firm Owners!

If you thought it would cost thousands to have a website designed and built for your business, then you’re in for a pleasant surprise. By leveraging the power of our Website Jump Start System, you can have your own custom-branded, client-attracting site built in a weekend—or even less.

And the best part is that WordPress’ built-in functionality, SEO-friendly code, and easy-to-use themes and plugins make it the perfect choice for community building. Not only that, but you no longer have to have a degree in computer science to make it work. Today’s point-and-click themes and plugins mean that even a self-described technophobe can quickly earn the title of Webmaster.

In today’s fast-paced, easily distracted world, you need every advantage you can get to build a community of loyal fans and buyers. A powerful WordPress website is a critical piece of that puzzle. Isn’t it time you had one?


Lee Abrahamson