Marketing Jump Start:

Rapid Results Formula for Solo and Small Offices

How to Get the Fast Results You’re Looking For

Introduction: Snapshot


In today’s world, there is a plethora of online and offline marketing strategies. Many of them are free or very low-priced, and the majority are easy to implement. When business owners start to learn about marketing, they’re likely to download a virtual stack of information products that each teach another strategy “guaranteed to produce results.”


Why does all this effort and learning so often produce zero results? The reason is that by leaping in to learn and implement every possible strategy, you get overwhelmed and can’t focus on one approach long enough to see results.


Common business wisdom has told us for many years that multitasking is a virtue. The ability to handle a variety of tasks at one time is a valuable quality in an employee or business owner.


However, the truth is that multitasking kills productivity, and that includes effective marketing.

Multitasking kills productivity because:

  • It’s stressful and difficult to spread your focus in multiple directions
  • Your priorities get confused
  • Decisions take longer to make
  • Time is wasted switching between concurrent projects
  • It’s easy for team members to lose focus
  • The quality of the work suffers

If you try to implement too many projects or marketing strategies at once, you’ll increase stress and burn-out, waste resources, diminish progress toward your goals, limit your results, demoralize team members, and in the worst-case scenario, cause your health to decline.


In this course, you’ll learn how to use a specific formula called “DISSC” to commit to one approach at a time, and thus gain the benefits of achieving dramatically faster results.


The DISSC Model for Rapid Results is a simple 5-step process to help you focus on one strategy at a time. DISCC stands for:


Define the foundation

Identify your #1 goal

Select your #1 strategy

Specify your action plan

Communicate the strategy to your team

This course is designed to teach you this method and to increase your marketing effectiveness, helping you to more easily reach your goals.

As you work through this course, you will:

  • Recognize the importance of prioritization and the pitfalls associated with multitasking in your business – including overwork, lack of progress, and poor results
  • Identify the key steps involved in creating a Rapid Results Marketing Plan that will reduce stress and achieve quick success for one goal at a time
  • Define the essentials that form the foundation for your success, including your core values, your most profitable products and services, your best customers, and your Unique Value Proposition
  • Identify your top-priority marketing goal for your business, based on your biggest challenges and your foundation for success – whether it’s related to sales, lead generation, or brand awareness – or some other challenge that’s been holding you back
  • Select a single marketing strategy to focus on for rapid results in the next three months, based on how much you’re willing to spend, what is easiest to implement right away, what you already know works, what you’ve wanted to do for a while, or what is the next level to something that has already been successful
  • Specify the critical elements necessary for successful implementation of the strategy you selected, including top measures you’ll track, resources you’ll need, top tasks to complete, and regular follow-up dates
  • Communicate the top goal, priorities, and responsibilities to members of your team through a written plan and guidelines, so that everyone is informed and no one gets overwhelmed or distracted by non-essential tasks

Learning Activity:


  1. List projects you’re currently working on and note the progress you’ve made on each.
  2. Identify where you’re getting overwhelmed and why you think that’s happening.
  3. Identify where you think your team members are wasting time and why you think that’s happening.