Now that you’ve worked through the course, you’re ready to implement your first three-month strategy. You’ll finally be able to focus and use the results you get to refine the Rapid Results Marketing Formula for your next three-month goal.


Working through this course, you learned:


  1. The importance of prioritizing and why it’s not a good idea to multitask
  2. The key steps involved in creating a Rapid Results Marketing Plan to help you avoid distraction, overwork, and burnout and instead focus so that you achieve the results you desire
  3. How to define the foundation for your project that will deliver the success you seek, including defining your core values and unique value proposition
  4. How to identify the first and foremost priority for your business right now, based on the main challenge you’re facing
  5. The way to choose the one marketing strategy that will best overcome those challenges and get you closest to your primary goal
  6. How to discover all the critical elements you need to have in place to efficiently and successfully implement the marketing strategy you’ve chosen
  7. Key tips and best practices for communicating all of this to your team on an ongoing basis to ensure that they stay focused, motivated, and happy


Now, it’s time to review the work you’ve done and get started.


Learning Activity:


  1. Review the work you did on your Rapid Results Marketing Cheat Sheet
  2. List the actions you need to take next to start implementing your plan, such as meeting with key team members to specify detailed tasks, responsibilities and deadlines.