About Our Federation Networks

This site is one of over 20 sponsored by the Small Business Federation…in association with the Law Marketing Association, Professional Coach Association, Services Marketing Institute, Power Practice Network, Soloville and Top Marketing Tools (the growing marketing arsenal for our members).

The Small Business Federation is a network of  Solo & Small Firm Professionals and Professional Services Associations, including…

  • Soloville (our membership hub for solo and small professional services firms)
  • Top Marketing Tools (fresh ideas, practical tools and weapons of competitive advantage for our members)
  • Services Marketing Institute
  • Power Practice Network
  • Professional Consultants International
  • You As Coach (Professional Coach Association)
  • Professional Coach Association (home of “You as Coach” & “Coaching Jump Start” career-building skill sets  and sponsor of CertifiedProfessionalCoaches.com)
  • Business Coach Federation (home of “Business Coach Training”)
  • Healthcare Marketing Association
  • Law Marketing Association
  • Dental Marketing Association
  • Medical Marketing Association
  • Chiropractic Marketing Association
  • Accounting Marketing Association
  • Home Based Business Association
  • Association of Independent Professionals
  • Moms Working Solo (Working At Home Moms)

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