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The Success Technique

Everything about our network has been built thoughtfully and purposefully by our passionate team. We are so excited to introduce you to our communities and this labor of love.

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Coffee Break University

Success Jump Start: How to Build and Manage your Brand (in minutes a day). Busy? The essential Tools, Tricks and Tips for getting things done. Visit


Self-employment supercharged. From the Association of Independent Professionals. Visit

YOU as Coach?

Embrace Personal & Biz Coaching.  Jump Start your business, professional or career skill set. Visit Professional Coach Association.

Power Practice Network!

The Practice Marketing Center. Fresh ideas and weapons of competitive advantage for solo and small offices. Visit Power Practice Network.

Fresh Ideas! Top Blogs for Thinking BIG!

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Coffee Break Marketing: Top Podcasts & Videos

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Jump Start Your Biz Idea!

The Coffee Break Marketing team has been working late to bring you the Top Marketing Tools to Jump Start YOUR success. Visit our member resource site at

Small Business Federation

The Small Business Federation (SBF) sponsors a curated network of top resources — including such organizations as Power Practice Network, Professional Coach & Consultant Association, Healthcare Marketing Association, Law Marketing Center, the Association of Independent Professionals’ Soloville and, of course, Coffee Break University. Stay connected, free.

Association of Independent Professionals

Our network is sponsored by The Association of Independent Professionals and the Small Business Federation.  Tools for Thinking Big.  Success in minutes a day.

Biz/CEO Coaching: The Advisory Board (Mastermind)

Jump start your business coaching practice. Chair Your Own Small Business Advisory Board. You’ll train with the Advisory Board’s small business (CEO) coaching tools, top practice marketing tools and group advisory board system. You’ll soon be providing trusted advice to build your business coaching client base.  As a licensed Advisory Board Coach-Consultant, you build your own full-time coaching practice or build a part-time business together with your current practice or business. Start here to learn more.

Marketing Professional Services

Forget the marketing gimmicks. Your success should be based on a sustainable system not fruitless hype or shallow tools. Success in marketing professional services requires a solid success foundation–a system, not an event.  Education based marketing is the rational, ethical, power strategy for building your success.

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